Sunday, April 18, 2010


TommyGate: the Definition

Tom Lee's designated lackey Terri Cadiente (stuntwomen, coach AND the AFM EMD administrator) was caught illegally downloading (thats right- stealing) proprietary sensitive electronic data from Local 47, AFM (Los Angeles). Here is a link to the Local 47 announcement about this disgusting data mining crime:
Click on: A message from the Presidents Office

Also checkout The AFM Observer blog post:

And what is Tommy's response-He places Terri the thief on administrative leave-and from what we hear locks her out of the
AFM west coast offices on Wilshire Blvd. (Los Angeles). He doesn't fire her or contact the FBI or contact the LA District Attorney
or the State Attorney General-he keeps her as an employee. Why? (So much for his concern for union members legal and privacy rights) Is it because if he fired Terri and threw her to the dogs she might rat out her boss President Tommy for giving her the direct order and instruction to electronically break and enter? Stay tuned.

Our sources tell us that Terri (who knows absolutely nothing about the recording business) does not lift a finger or do anything remotely connected with her "job" without the express direction and instructions from thief-in-chief Tom Lee.

The shit is about to hit the Federal Crime fan. It is common knowledge all over the AFM that Tommy hates Local 47, and particularly it's recording musicians. People go to jail and get fined huge amounts all the time for this crap. This just about as low as Tommy boy has ever gone. Local 802, 357, 10-208, ICSOM, RMA, TMA etc. you all could all be next. Put up your firewalls, protect your members, secure your credit card numbers, batten down the hatches and lock down your private data.

You have been warned. More to come


Anonymous said...

There was an unknown and unsuccessful hacker at 802 earlier this year.

Bruce Hembd said...
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Bruce Hembd said...
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Bruce Hembd said...

(sorry for the re-writes)

Not to steal all your thunder but might these likely be just isolated inside jobs? I would highly doubt that the AFM powers are that smart to be engaging in a full scale hacker war.

Sure, they might implicitly encourage this sort of thing, but as a web developer myself I'm telling you, these guys are most likely NOT that adept. More like Larry, Moe and Curley.

Computers get hacked all the time. There is correlation and causation - perhaps let's not confuse the two?